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Caleb Pirc is a Republican candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives, District 21, Seat B. 

Growing up in a middle-class family home right here in Meridian, Caleb experienced first-hand the family values that make Meridian such a unique place to live and raise a family. As a business owner, entrepreneur, legislative intern, campaign volunteer, and Jurisdoctorate candidate (law degree), he knows what true constitutional conservatism is and how to effectively write and pass constitutional legislation in the Idaho Legislature.

About Caleb 

For as long as Caleb can remember, he has been making phone calls, placing signs, and knocking on doors for conservative Republicans across Idaho. He vividly remembers helping on political campaigns from that first literature drop at 6 years old to campaigns at all levels, from city elections to congressional and gubernatorial campaigns. This involvement in Idaho politics has shown Caleb just how important it is for more conservative leaders from his generation to step up to carry on the torch of liberty to the next generation.

When Caleb was 12 years old, he began his first business raising and selling sheep, building a reputation for selling quality breeding stock from coast to coast.

 In high school, Caleb continued growing his business, competed in speech and debate, and served as a page for the Idaho House of Representatives. His time in high school speech and debate trained him to become an excellent communicator, becoming Regional Champion and ranking in the top 15 debaters in the nation. As a page for the Idaho House of Representatives, Caleb served legislators across the political spectrum, learning about policy, and seeing all aspects of the legislative process every day. 

Also during high school, Caleb successfully completed a large amount of his college degree, graduating high school already in his senior year of college. Soon after, he completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship from Liberty University, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a perfect 4.0 GPA. 

After graduation, Caleb coached debate students across Idaho, teaching the next generation not only how to communicate well, but the importance of using critical thinking in their analysis. With an emphasis on free market economics and conservative political thought, Caleb trained students to clearly communicate these ideals and to challenge the radical socialist policies of their generation.

With a passion for service in government, Caleb went on to intern for one of Idaho’s conservative legislators, working with him and other representatives and senators on a number of policy issues ranging from tax policy to election integrity to education. In this role he conducted extensive research, drafted legislation, and built relationships with legislators to bring about conservative policies in Idaho’s laws. This allowed him to see the inner workings of Idaho’s House of Representatives and the importance of having solid conservatives who are willing to stand for the principles of liberty in the legislature. Later, he had the unique opportunity to intern for U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher, allowing him to see what it takes to tackle the challenges facing Idahoans with true conservative leadership. Caleb would go on to serve as an advocate for Idaho farm families as an intern for the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation and as the Government Affairs Manager for the Idaho Wool Growers Association before resigning to attend law school to achieve a legal education to be able to fight for conservatism in Idaho’s legal system.

After scoring in the top 1% of the country for the LSAT, Caleb was offered a full-tuition scholarship to Regent University’s School of Law Honors Program, one of the most conservative Christian law schools in America. In his time at Regent, he has gained a dynamic education in fighting for conservative values in the legal system. Seeing the need for more constitutional conservatives to step up to the plate to shape the law with a respect for our founding principles and the rule of law, Caleb decided to run for the Legislature to make sure that liberty continues for his generation. With Idaho’s citizen legislature format, Caleb will continue and complete his legal education around the calendar of the Legislature, allowing him to fully dedicate his time to the citizens of District 21 while gaining deeper insight into America’s legal system through his education to advocate for constitutional conservatism right here in Idaho.

Caleb is excited for the opportunity to bring a unique set of skills, perspective, and enthusiasm to the House of Representatives to fight against the radical liberal threats facing the next generation. Ideas like socialism, Marxism, and Critical Race Theory are increasingly infiltrating the minds of the next generation, causing division, hatred, and an antithetical mindset to the ideas upon which America was built. As a young conservative, Caleb knows how to communicate to the culture, and is prepared to take a stand against the radical left to ensure freedom still rings here in Idaho.

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