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Statement on Dobbs


Today marks the dawn of a new day in America.

This morning, the United States Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey—decisions that had claimed to find some right to an abortion in the Constitution through a tortured analysis entirely devoid of any basis in the text, history, or tradition of the Constitution. Today is the start of a new era, as this blot on American history—a blot which facilitated the abortion of over sixty-three million babies in the womb, each created in the Image of God—is overturned, sending the issue back to the states to set their own policies on abortion. I will never forget the moment when I heard of the opinion and the weight of what had just happened sank in. For today, not only have we seen an end to disastrous precedent, but we have seen an opportunity like never before to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Today will be a day of great celebration, but for each of us who believe in the value of human life, it should also be a day of deep contemplation and careful calculation.  While the opinion allows states to regulate abortion, it does not outlaw this barbaric practice. Today marks the crucial win of a battle but just the beginning for many more to come.

I want to note three things about today.

First, times of great challenge require men and women of great courage, and today we have seen countless profiles of exactly that type of immense courage. Most notably, we have seen five justices on the Supreme Court who stood upon their convictions and the rule of law. Despite immense pressure to compromise, these individuals stood unwavering, unintimidated, and unmoved. Protests, death threats, and even assassination attempts were unsuccessful in shaking the resolve of these heroes. We saw a state legislature willing to take on the immoral Supreme Court precedent by passing legislation to protect innocent human life, no matter the cost politically. We saw an attorney general’s office and a courageous team of lawyers refuse to yield under pressure by others, who urged them merely to slightly soften Roe’s impact but to leave its immoral precedent in place. Instead, they recognized the opportunity to challenge this stain on our history and led the charge to protect life without hesitation. But perhaps the most unsung heroes of today will be millions of pro-life individuals from every walk of life and corner of America who stood, unflinching for decades, on conviction and resolve. Even when the road was difficult—when, partly through those fifty years, the Supreme Court dealt another blow to life by doubling down on its fabricated, imaginary right to an abortion—people who knew the importance of life never gave up. They stood, willing to risk their professional careers, their personal reputations, and their societal status, or, as our Founders put it, “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.” Edmund Burke said it well when he observed, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If we are tired of seeing our country falter, we need to stand strong. If we become frustrated at the prevalence of lies, we need to boldly speak the truth. And if we want to see our world changed, we need to become world changers.

Secondly, today represents more than a political battle: today’s decision will impact millions of people individually. Millions of babies’ lives will be spared, certainly. And for this, we should rejoice. But a ruling from the Supreme Court will never heal the brokenness, pain, and suffering that so many experience—both those who are contemplating abortion and those who have had one. Being pro-life is more than a vote at the ballot box, although that is crucial. It’s more than liking a post or adding a hashtag on social media, although that helps. It’s about genuinely caring and doing everything we can to support life. It’s donating time, treasure, and talent to crisis pregnancy centers that daily help expectant mothers choose life, walking alongside them through that journey. It’s about the church coming alongside single moms, welcoming them, helping them, and building a support network around them to encourage them to choose life, especially when it’s hard. And for many who have the ability, it’s about opening our hearts to adoption and our homes to a precious child in need of a family. Being pro-life is more than a position. It’s a personal commitment.

Lastly, today represents the importance of hope. Too often we can look around at our politics, our news, and our culture and become despondent about the state of our nation. For many of my conservative friends, there is a sense of despair and defeat. However, we should not be discouraged, but rather we should be hopeful. For those of us who are Christians, we know that the outcomes are not controlled by mere mortal men but rather are ordained by a sovereign God who guides and directs the paths of men. Despite what the media will tell you, today is not the result of five justices in robes. It’s not the result of the presidents who appointed them. Although these people had an integral role and were used by God to accomplish His purpose, much of today can be attributed to the millions of faithful believers who never gave up hope, who fervently prayed without ceasing, believing in a God who does the miraculous. To my conservative friends out there, don’t despair. Decide that you will stand and not back down. Don’t give up hope but rather give yourself fully to the Lord’s calling on your life. Many gave up hope that they would ever see the day that Roe would be overturned. Some today who had given up that hope saw with their own eyes exactly what they had discounted as impossible. Don’t let that be you for the next victory. Embrace this sense of hope and never let it go.

I want to leave you all with my expression of gratitude and joy for what today brings! There will doubtless be new challenges, but we can take these head on. A new day has dawned in America. Let’s make it the brightest yet.

Caleb Pirc